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World Youth Day and Juventutem Australia


For Immediate Release

29th May 2008

If anyone from the UK is going to World Youth Day in Australia this year, Juventutem Australia are putting on an impressive programme of events - Juventutem is an international delegation of Catholic youth attached to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) attending WYD 2008 in Sydney. Everyone is welcome to attend any Juventutem events! Please come and lend your support this wonderful initiative

Please see the provisional liturgical programme see for any latest developments. (Updated May 10)

Catechetical Bishops for Juventutem Australia in Sydney

Wed, July 16 - Bishop Geoffrey H Jarrett (Bishop of Lismore, New South Wales)
Thursday, July 17 - Bishop Peter J Elliott (Titular Bishop of Manaccenser and Auxiliary Bishop in the Southern Region of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Victoria)
Friday, July 18 - Bishop Basil Meeking (Bishop Emeritus of Christchurch, New Zealand and Ecclesiastical Patron of Juventutem Australia)

How to get involved

The closing date for Juventutem registrations and payments has been extended to May 31.Please ensure you have registered and made all payments by this date. However, after June 1st, simple accommodation cannot be absolutely guaranteed by the WYD committee in Sydney, but if Juventutem Australia get a hall in Sydney (or Melbourne), then people should have no problem obtaining some sort of accomodation.

More on registrations/payments with Juventutem
Click here to register with Juventutem for WYD 2008!

Download Registration Form and Program Guide Here
Click here to register for the Gregorian chant workshops

Two official WYD events in our Juventutem program

Date: Wednesday, July 16

Time: 2.00pm
Location: St. Augustine's Church, Balmain
"A Chant Event" - a Gregorian chant masterclass directed by internationally acclaimed chant expert, Scott Turkington.

Time: 4.00pm
Solemn Pontifical Vespers and Benediction, celebrated by His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell.

Support from Cardinal Hoyos

"I am pleased to know of your initiatives for the celebration of the Sacred Liturgy according to the liturgical books of 1962 both for those young people who are already attracted to these celebrations and as a way of introducing other young people to the rich liturgical heritage of the Church.May your efforts bring forth abundant fruits for the good of souls and for the building up of the Body of Christ."
Sincerely yours in Christ,

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos
President Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei

Quick Links

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Juventutem Australia Mission Statement Photos Documents Links Mailing List
Juventutem 2005
Australia International Mailing List

For any enquiries regarding registration or transport, please e-mail:


Travel to Australia

It is important that pilgrims from overseas plan to fly into Melbourne on July 8 to give them time to recover from jetlag and settle in, before the Days in the Dioceses commences on July 10. It is therefore advisable for pilgrims to book flights as early as is possible to help ensure arrival on July 8.

All pilgrims are strongly advised to take out travel insurance before they leave.

Travel between Melbourne and Sydney

Travel will be available from Melbourne to Sydney by coach, rail, and air. However there are some restrictions on rail travel. WIth over 30,000 pilgrims expected in Melbourne, the only feasible travel is by either air or coach. At this stage we plan to transport pilgrims to Sydney by coach on Monday, July 14.

Travel from Australia

Most pilgrims will leave Australia from Sydney, so need to book their outgoing flights from there.


Accommodation in Melbourne

The Archdiocese of Melbourne is intending to billet pilgrims with local families. We however are also pursuing the possibility of housing all Juventutem pilgrims in a school hall or community centre, and in relatively close proximity to the main church.

Accommodation in Sydney.

The WYD 2008 Organizing Committee will be arranging basic accommodation for Juventutem pilgrims in either schools, community halls or gymnasiums. Pilgrims should bring sleeping bags and ground mats with them. Further details are available on the official WYD 2008 site:


Church in Melbourne (Week 1)

The church in Melbourne is planned to be St. Aloysius', home of the Latin Mass community in Melbourne.

Church in Sydney (Week 2)

The church in Sydney will be St. Augustine's, Balmain.
St Augustine's is well-located near Sydney city and harbour and will provide an excellent venue for the Juventutem liturgical program and music workshops

Please forward this message on and kindly translate it whenever needed.

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