Monday, 14 May 2012

100 Days of Peace Event

Vigil of Prayer
for the 2012 30th Olympiad and Paralympics, the athletes and the visitors
 for London, the host city, for peace and goodwill for all
 for all those nations attending the Games, for dignity and respect for all cultures and differences
 for people of all faiths
 for young people, their health, happiness and future
 for peace in our cities
 for athletes who have come from countries where there has been war, conflict or natural disaster
 for the flourishing of international art, culture and music

From 11pm Friday June 8th to midday on Saturday June 9th 2012
we will gather to pray in :-

St Martin-in-the-Fields,
Trafalgar Square 
a place of peace in the heart of London

Young people, leaders, preachers, musicians, will celebrate the start of the ‘Sacred Truce’ with prayer, and as in ancient times, will proclaim peace for London, the host city of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
To find out more and to register to take part, apply to:

100 Days of Peace SMITF vigil, 4 Vincent Road, London N15 3QH, or email
*The original Greek Olympics were preceded by a Sacred Truce, which enabled competitors to reach Olympia without being attacked, as they passed through the small warring city-states of the Greek peninsula. Peace was an original ideal of the Greek Olympics, and also of the Games revived in


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