Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chartres Pilgrimage 2011

The Chartres Pilgrimage is a Pentecost pilgrimage which starts from the Cathedral of Our Lady in Paris and finishes at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Chartres, to the south west of Paris. It involves two and a half days of walking, mostly through lovely French countryside.

This year's dates are Saturday 11 June to Monday 13 June, (there is a day of travelling either side of those dates, if coming from the UK).

The pilgrimage is organised into chapters which walk under the patronage of a saint. The three British chapters are: Our Lady of Walsingham, led by Jamie Bogle and Francis Carey, St Edward (Youth/Juventutem) led by Michael Heinser and St Alban (Youth/Juventutem) led by Grace Readings(with help!).

More information can be found in the attached newsletter and there is now a new blog:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How to Register for World Youth Day

How to register your country for WYD

This document describes the main stages to create a national group within Juventutem.

1. Communication

The Juventutem website is available in English and a national version is envisaged for every country enabling to find national and local contacts. English posters are also available and we can help you to make flyers or leaflets.

The second point is the local network:

For instance: in the UK-Ireland zone:

UK: London, Edinburgh, Oxford, St Andrews, Reading, …

Ireland : Dublin, Limerick, Cork, …

If someone is available to help to promote this and to give their contact number, that would be ideal.

Every country needs a national coordinator.

2. Registration and management of the group.

To register groups, you need to go on the website, in the section dedicated to registrations.

It is necessary to create one group in each country. The national coordinator, who will also be the team leader during the WYD, is responsible for this group.

These groups will be linked to the Juventutem France group, which is head of all the Juventutem groups.

Action: Create your national group. For payment, Juventutem France will centralize all the registration fees and will validate them.

3. Individual registration.

Registration can be done by credit transfer or bank card.

The website enables you to register and then to complete your enrolment details. Your enrolment will be confirmed by email.

Juventutem offers two possible registration options : Bilbao + Madrid: August 10th-21st (either 16-23 years old or 24-30 years old), or just Madrid: August 16th-21st.

We do not yet know the precise location points. We will meet you:

• In Bilbao, during a long but precise period, for the first option (or maybe in Santander if there are many people). It is possible to organize a bus from International Madrid Airport for the pilgrims who come from a long distance.

• In Madrid, directly in Juventutem centre. The organization group in Madrid will give us this location in the spring at the latest.

The price of the Bilbao schedule includes the transport from Bilbao to Madrid on August 15th.

4. Spiritual preparation.

We advise you to make contact with priests, especially from Ecclesia Dei communities, to develop the theme of these WYD.

During the WYD, you will have lectures and/or testimonies in your language from priests, seminarians or laity.

5. International choir

We recommend all pilgrims who would like to do so, to join the choir, either as singers or as instrument players.


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