Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Chelt YCA May News

We will be running First Five Saturday Devotions at Sacred Hearts Church starting on Sat 4th May, after the 9:15am Mass. This will be run by Chelt YCA but open to all ages.

 Also, Fr. Alan Finlay, will be enrolling people in the Brown Scapular. At St. Gregory's Church. On Sunday 5th May at 3pm - this is organised by the Filipino Rosary group. All are warmly welcome.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Regina Coeli!He is Risen Alleluia! Happy Easter Sunday

The Regina Cæli or Regina Cœli ("Queen of Heaven", pronounced [reˈdʒina ˈtʃeli] in Ecclesiastical Latin) is an ancient Latin Marian Hymn of the Christian Church.
It is one of the four seasonal Marian antiphons of the Blessed Virgin Mary, prescribed to be sung or recited in the Liturgy of the Hours at the conclusion of the last of the hours to be prayed in common that day, typically night prayer (Compline or Vespers). Any one of these four or of other suitable antiphons may now be sung at any time of the liturgical year. The Regina Coeli is sung or recited in place of the Angelus during the Easter season, from Easter Sunday until Pentecost.(Source Wiki)

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Donations Urgently Needed for Young Catholic Adult Events

Young Catholic Adults are grateful for all support – both spiritual and financial – which we receive from around the world. YCA promotes traditional Catholic catechesis, beauty in the liturgy (EF form  - where possible) and a return to solid Catholic devotions, such as the Rosary and Marian Devotion etc.

Please consider making a donation to support us. We need money for deposits, Priestly stipends, catechetical materials,  Priests travel expenses, hosting websites and postage costs - in order to organise local events, the main national weekend and the Web apostolate.

It is hoped that an all age organisation, which works in conjunction with YCA, will start soon, but this will depend on funding.

To donate please go to:-

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Archeological Excavation Proves Existence of Old Testament King Josiah

From Scott Hahn (from Facebook):-

“A recent discovery at an archeological excavation in Israel provides evidence to the historicity of a Biblical king that has never been corroborated before.

And it was beneath a parking lot.
The artifact is a rare clay seal with the name of a court official of King Josiah, who figures prominently in the Old Testament of the Bible.
It was discovered at an archeological site believed to be ancient ruins of a site that was burnt down by the Babylonians during the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.

The seal contains the name of Nathan-Melech, who was a high-ranking official in Josiah's kingdom, according to the announcement from the Israel Antiquities Authority.
The seal reads, "'[belonging] to Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King," referring to Josiah. The name is mentioned only once in the Bible, in the second book of Kings.

"The ongoing archeological excavations at the City of David continue to prove that ancient Jerusalem is no longer just a matter of faith, but also a matter of fact," said Doron Spielman, the vice president of the City of David Foundation.”

March for Life 2019 - Part 2!

March for Life 2019


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