Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Draft Timetable for Young Catholic Adults Weekend 25th-27th Oct 2019

Theme: Being a Catholic in the Modern World.

Timetable for Young Catholic Adults
Douai Weekend 2019

2pm Extra Schola Chant Workshop

5-6pm General Arrival
7pm Supper
8pm-8.30pm Rosary (church) or Chant Workshop (conference room)
8:40 Sung Compline after workshop (Roman Rite)
9pm: Social

8:30-9am Breakfast
9:15-9:55am - Chant Workshop (conference room) followed by Schola rehearsal (church)
11am:  High Mass - Roman Rite in the Parish Church- Our Lady’s Saturday ( EF Gregorian Chant ) preceded by confessions
12.00pm: Marian Procession in honour of Our Lady of Fatima around the extensive grounds of Douai Abbey, followed by enrolment into the Brown Scapular
1-2pm: Lunch
2-2.55pm: 1st Talk – The Importance of Tradition” Canon Poucin ICKSPCanon Poucin from The Institute of Christ the King 3-4pm: Chant workshop
[4-4.30pm: Chant rehearsal for Schola Gregoriana]
4.30-6pm: Free time/spiritual reading
6-6.30pm: Vespers (Roman Rite)
7pm-7:40pm Supper
7.45-8:30pm: Rosary, Adoration and Confessions
8.30pm: Social

8-9am Breakfast
9am-9:45am: Schola Gregoriana workshop (conference room)
10:30am: Sung Mass – Christ the King - Roman Rite in the Parish Church ( EF Gregorian Chant)
11:30pm: Rosary
12-12:45-   Talk – Fr. Stewart Foster. “
Marian Devotion for Today.”
1pm: Lunch


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