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Author - Donal Anthony Foley, Fr. Gregory Pearson OP, The Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge. Participants at YCA National Weekend at Aylesford 31st October 2015 - 1st November 2015

Fr. Gregory Pearson OP

Fr. Gregory  Pearson works as an assistant priest at St Dominic’s, London.  For examples of his teaching go to

The Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge

As in previous years, the Schola will provide a programme of talks and tuition to enable participants to sing at the solemn Masses.

The Schola was founded in 1975 by Dr Mary Berry, a Cambridge musician and musicologist, in order to ensure that the chant should continue to be taught, and that all those who wished to sing and study this profoundly spiritual and ancient music should be able to do so. It became a registered charity in 1984. The Schola aims to promote the teaching and singing of Gregorian chant and, whenever possible, to foster its study and research. 

Since the Schola's foundation, hundreds of people from all over the world and from all backgrounds have come to the Schola's singing days, workshops and seminars, to sing and study the chant. 

For more info please see

Author - Donal Anthony Foley

Donal Anthony Foley has degrees in Humanities (BA) and Theology (BD), and his book on the subject of apparitions - Marian Apparitions, the Bible, and the Modern World - was published by Gracewing in 2002, and he has written articles for a number of Catholic magazines and newspapers.

To book on to the weekend please go to the automated booking system at:-


*Please note Aylesford Priory have a booking deadline of 18th September, otherwise they reserve the right to release rooms for sale to other guests as required. Also they do not allow last minute refunds so any non-arrivals and/or cancellations made up to 3 days before the event will be non-refundable.


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