Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Timetable for National Young Catholic Adults Weekend 2012

A week-end for Young Catholic Adults, Douai Abbey, Berkshire, England
14-16 September 2012

                              Theme: "How real: Christ's presence in the Eucharist"

Friday 14th September 2012 (Exaltation of the Holy Cross - 2nd class feast -
5th anniversary of implementation of Summorum Pontificum) 1pm onwards (until
6pm): arrival
4-5pm: Chant workshop
5-5.50pm: Confessions
[5-5.45pm: Rehearsal for Mass (for Schola Gregoriana and any YCA
members who wish to sing in the choir)]
6 - 7pm: Sung Mass in the Parish Church
7-7.30pm: - Supper
8-8.45pm: 1st conference: "What do we mean by 'presence'? Gradation of the
modes of presence", by Fr de Malleray, FSSP
9pm: Sung Compline
9.30pm: Social
Saturday 15th September 2012 (Seven Sorrows of the BMV - 2nd class feast)
7.30am: Morning prayer (parish church)
8-8.30am: Breakfast
8.45-9.30am: 2nd Conference: "Scriptural statements: Gospels, Acts of the
Apostles, St Paul's Epistles", by Fr de Malleray, FSSP
9:35am-10:30am Chant workshop
11am: Solemn High Mass, main Abbey Church
12.20pm: Marian Procession around the extensive grounds of the Abbey
1-1.30pm: Lunch
2-3pm: 3rd Conference: "Philosophical approach: substance and accidents", by
Fr de Malleray, FSSP
3-4pm: Chant workshop
[4-4.30pm: Chant rehearsal for Schola Gregoriana]
4-5pm: Free time (4.30-5pm: optional Rosary)
5-5.45pm: 4th Conference: "The Eucharistic Presence as emphasised in the
liturgy: gestures, vessels, Benediction and processions", by Fr de Malleray, FSSP
6-6.30pm: Vespers (in Parish Church)
7-7.30pm: Supper
8-9.30pm: Adoration and Confessions
9.30pm: Social

Sunday 16th September 2012 (16th after Pentecost)
7.30am: Morning prayer (parish church)
8am: Breakfast
9am: 5th Conference: "The Eucharistic magisterium of the Church", by Fr de
Malleray, FSSP
[10-10.45am: Schola Gregoriana rehearsal]
11am: Sung Mass
[11am: Schola Gregoriana sing Mass with monks]
12noon-1pm: Rosary
1pm: Lunch


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