Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cardinal Zen

Again the blog Rorate Coeli reports that….”The hype of the official religious press would lead us to believe that only a few activists and some old senile folks are disposed to traditional forms of the Roman Rite ... Each day brings evidence to the contrary. Today that evidence comes from China. We’ve learned that His Excellency Joseph Cardinal Zen Zekiun, bishop of Hong Kong, wished to celebrate his final Pontifical Mass on April 15, 2009 - less than eight days ago - in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. This is how the Cardinal wanted to demonstrate his commitment to the liturgical form in China which has nourished numerous martyrs of the Faith.

The Cardinal, who is known for his frankness, also told the many journalists who attended the ceremony that he now wanted to devote part of his retirement life to the faithful who are attached to the traditional liturgy of the Church.” (H/t to


EnglishCatholic said...

I was at this Mass in Hong Kong - it was amazing - it was absolutely packed with people of all races and none. The music and text of the Mass was given in Latin with translations in both English and Chinese.

As an Englishman in Hong Kong I attend a parish where there is an English community and a Chinese community with seperate Masses.

It is so good to have a Mass where we can all worship God together - each with our own translations.

Magdalen said...



I am quite desperately seeking a report/transcript/a journalist who can give me an exact accounting of what Cardinal Zen said outside after Mass on April 12. My research tells me that there were plenty of journalists there. I can see them in the pictures, but have not been able to locate anyone as of yet. Can you help? I need more than a paraphrase, which is all that I am able to find. Any help would be appreciated.

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