Saturday, 7 January 2017

ZUHLIO RETURNS! “Cardinal Kasper Will Accompany Me”


Fr. Z confirms that Zulio has returned! Fr. states:-

"It is my pleasure to release at long last the super ultra exclusive new hit from the always backward-looking performance artist Zuhlio!
I had note from Zuhlio, who has been pensive of late:
I’ve been pensive of late. Just ponder about the great contributions that His Eminence Walter Card. Kasper has been making to the Church for so many… so very many many many years.  It’s seems like such a long time that he’s been making contributions and we just can’t have enough of them.  He’s been, God bless him, lowering the standards for living our faith for so very many many many years.   I had to find a way to honor him.  What’s better than… a song?

Thus spake Zuhlio.   He quickly teamed up with his old colleague from back in the day, The Ineffable TTF to produce what will surely be yet another platinum hit.
You recall some of Zuhlio’s previous hits, which you without question whistle on the way to those nightly adoration hours.  Who can forget “Where Have All the Sisters Gone?”  How about “Lady Tambourine Priest”?  How about his even bigger hit song from his urban rapper phase “Aging Hippie Paradise”.  And then there was the classic: “I am the very model of a modern ultramontanist!” Will we ever forget “Fifty Ways To Rig A Synod“?

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for."

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