Saturday, 15 August 2009

Young Catholic Adults Get More Accomodation at Douai Abbey Retreat (18-20 Septmber 2009)

Douai Abbey have very kindly given Young Catholic Adults MORE accommodation and facilities for the Douai Abbey Retreat (18-20 Septmber 2009). Please note that at the Douai Retreat there is the possibility of having all your meals in the main dining area.

For Student and Youth Group Retreats

  • The Cottages accommodate groups of up to 10 young persons in simple 'hostel' type rooms.
  • Plus facilities include a kitchen, dining room and scullery.
  • Two other rooms provide a lounge and chapel, and the whole building is centrally heated.

  • The facilities available include the Abbey Church which provides a peaceful, prayerful space for worship. Guests are free to join in all the community services and to enjoy the spacious Abbey grounds.

  • Lying deep in the Berkshire countryside overlooking the beautiful Kennet valley to the distant Hampshire downs, the Cottages provide an ideal place for a group retreat for all who seek the refreshment of peace and quiet.

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