Friday, 20 February 2009

Support Fr. Tim Finigan Against the Bitter Taste of the Tablet

(Editorial Note) I've just read one of the nastiest articles for a long time। Click here for the full story.It seems to me that the only reason it (the Tablet) ran the article was that Fr. Tim Finigan, celebrates one extraordinary form Mass on a Sunday morning - goodness me what a terrible thing to do!(plus 3 other English Novus Ordo Masses over the weekend). But surely this is exactly what Pope Benedict wants in his reform of the liturgy। Fr. Tim Finigan is just being a faithful Catholic Priest - nothing more and nothing less.

Have the Tablet finally lost it I ask, well I think they have. It manages to find 9 people who don't like Father Finigan - is that all they could get!! In one Parish in the South West of England (which will remain nameless) the whole Church appeared to dislike a new incoming Priest (for no apparent reason - he seemed very pleasant to me).

I have only met Fr. Finigan a couple of times and had email contact a couple of times; however, it struck me (and this is confirmed from everyone else I come into contact with) that he is one of the best, hard working and most decent of Parish Priests that I have ever come across. The Tablet should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. If anyone reads this entry and subscribes to this periodical (unlikely I know) PLEASE CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW.

As Fr. Z says,

"The progressivists are terrified.They are afraid that Fr. Finigan might succeed. They are attacking him in order to discourage other priests from doing what Fr. Finigan is accomplishing.They hate what he stands for and they earnestly will work for his failure. And not just failure. They want him to fail and suffer in his failure.They will do anything and to anyone to prevent the older form of Mass from resurging."

Please keep up the great work that you are doing Fr. Tim Finigan, we're all behind you.
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