Friday, 28 March 2008

Why not start a local group

YCA (Young Catholic Adults) is affiliated to the LMS of England andWales and the international Juventutem Federation. It is looking to expand its local groups throughout the county. By having a small butconvinced faith communities in an area or parish, souls can learnmore about their faith, grow in holiness and meet different peopleand make new contacts.

By starting a local group you will:-
  • Have your local group mentioned in Mass of Ages Magazine

  • YCA is affiliated to Juventutem an international organisation,which organises trips to World Youth Days, pilgrimages and otherintra-national events. Details of these gatherings will be readilyavailable on the YCA website and the group site.

  • Advertise your local group on the YCA website free of charge

  • Help to raise the profile of traditional Catholicism at the local level - almost all youth/young adult groups in the UK are currentlycharismatic/non traditional in nature

  • It's free

What types of groups could you have?

  1. The Rosary

  2. Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction

  3. Talks

  4. Socials

  5. (or a combination of the above)

  6. Or you could even run a Mass in the Traditional Rite under theaegis of YCA. To start a prayergroup/local group or to become a friend of YCA justsend an e-mail to Damian Barker at with:-
-Your name

-Contact e-mail address and telephone number

-The Groups name
See for more info on current groups/activities.

Friends of YCA

Or If you like parts of the spirituality of Young Catholic Adults whynot become Friend of YCA instead and still share it's spiritualbenefits. You can still organise a local group or activities in thesame way as a full member, or affiliate your local group as a Friend of YCA.
The International Juventutem Federation

People new to YCA are encouraged to officially enrol in theInternational Juventutem Federation. It costs just 7 pounds (10 Eurosper annum). To become an official part of this lay movement there arejust 3 commitments:--To offer a daily prayer for the sanctification of the youths(preferably psalm 42 Judica me).-To visit to the Lord really present in the tabernacle every week(can be done during Sunday Mass);-Every year (at least) goto Confession and attend Mass in the OldRite (if you can get to a Traditional Mass in your area), or partakein some other Faith activity such as a YCA retreat.To join goto:-

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