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Sunday, 27 November 2016

The ‘Sindr’ app May Sound Silly, but it’s a Godsend for Young Catholic Adults


The Catholic Herald writes on its Comment & Blogs section about the new app "Sindr":-

"Yesterday, newspaper headline-writers received an early Christmas present from the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh. The ‘Catholic App’, unveiled by Abp Cushley at the Vatican on Tuesday, is a map-based smartphone tool, that will help people find the nearest – and/or soonest – Mass or Confessions in the archdiocese.

A very good service, to be sure, for the faithful of south-east Scotland. Though perhaps not something to catch the imagination of the world’s media… Until, that is, someone, somewhere had the bright idea to attach the nickname ‘Sindr’ to the new app. This is a play, of course, on the popular ‘dating’ – who I am to judge? – apps Tinder and Grindr. (Themselves, it might be noted, no strangers to recent Catholic-related news stories.)

Now, not surprisingly, the Catholic App is a genuinely global news item. After all, what click-hungry subeditor could resist putting a piece out with the title ‘Done With Tinder? Try ‘Sindr,’ the Vatican’s New Confession Finder App’? Not the one at Time magazine, of all places, that’s for sure."

For more on this story see:-
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