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UPDATED - So...Did the Pope Carry the Satanic Stang at the Opening Mass of the Youth Synod?


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So...Did the Pope Carry the Satanic Stang at the Opening Mass of the Youth Synod?

Check out Susan's post and compare the pope's ferula (which differs from a bishop's crozier which is shaped like a shepherd's crook and is usually a ball with a cross) to the satanic stang. Hmmm....Sure looks like a stang doesn't it! Ann Barnhardt has a chilling article about the stang and the pope's use of it here. Of course the youth who gave it to the pope had a different explanation for it, (Surprise!) but that would be expected wouldn't it? The devil can appear as an angel of light. 

This papacy just gets more and more bizarre. Doesn't it seem reasonable that a pope looking at a staff being presented to him that looks like that would say, "What the h is that?" And "Stop horsing around with this stuff and go get me my proper ferula with the cross of Christ!"

And if he wondered about the item (which he certainly should), don't you think he'd ask one of his advisors what the symbolism of such a staff was? My first impression was that it was a divining rod which certainly has connections to divination and hidden, secret knowledge. 

How can anyone not be concerned about this? Pray and fast and stick close to your guardian angel.



Fr. Z comments

"That stick as a witches stang thing isn’t going away....In my email come photos of the moment that young people gave that stick to Francis.Not the red, knotted string.   No, big deal?  Maybe not. The red string on the wrist is something from Wicca, in effect a form of Satanism.

I suppose it is possible to dismiss this.“But Father! But Father!”, you might be tempted to giggle, “It’s – ha! – just a little piece of string.  What are you?  Some sort of scaredy cat?  Not that I have anything against cats, mind you.  I’m not speciesist, like YOU.  That string…even it is did have to do with Wicca… what of it?  I’ll bet she saw some pop start wear it and that’s why she does too.  But even it she were into Wicca… so what?  All faiths are good and love is never wrong, right?   But you think that Wicca is wrong and that red strings are demonic and … and… that other thing… because YOU HATE VATICAN II!”
Friends.   It could be that this young skull full of mush had no idea that that Wiccan thing is a Wiccan thing.  Or, it could be just what it looks like.   A young person wearing a Wiccan symbol gave a staff that had a sort of Christian image on it while giving every impress that it is a satanic stang.

What alarms me is that he later used it at a Mass.

Is there no one near Francis who investigates things like this?  “Hey, that thing doesn’t look right to me.  Before something blows up, maybe we had better… what do young people say now?  Gaggle it?”

What is a stang? Wikipedia states :-



"The stang is a pronged wooden staff,[18] topped either with a naturally occurring fork or with antlers affixed.[19] The stang was among the ritual items used by Robert Cochrane,[20] while the term itself was likely popularized by his influence.[21]


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