Thursday, 13 September 2018

Raise Money for a Charitable Cause in Malawi

"News from Sara Harvey-Craig (ex Clifton Diocese LMS Rep) in Malawi:-

Hi everyone! We're raising money for Dellifa because her mother is a widow, and she herself is fatherless, and the fees for attending any secondary school here in Malawi is totally out of reach for Dellifa's family. Dellifa lives with her mother and younger sister and older brother in the Ndirande shantytown.

Thankfully, primary school in Malawi is free but unfortunately secondary school - which is just 4 years of education, from age 13 to 17 - is not free. Apparently only 3% of Malawians make it to secondary school!

Why Dellifa? Well, you can't help everyone and remembering Mother Teresa's quote, "If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one"... we could say: "If you can't educate a hundred people, then educate just one"! And, well, Dellifa landed on our doorstep! Her mother is a maid who work locally, who also tries to make ends meet by babysitting and selling eggs, and we met Dellifa when her mother sold us eggs at our back door.

We know Dellifa to be a bright student who has exceptionally good English, due to the fact that she has had the opportunity to mix with Europeans from an early age because of her mother's employers. The alternative to going to secondary school for Dellifa would be to stay at home with her mother and acquire a maid's job, should a position materialise, but such jobs are hard to come by. Investing in her education, we believe, would bear much fruit.

The expenses for Dellifa to go to Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Girls' Secondary School is as follows:

£180 fees per term (3 terms per academic year)
£60 transport each term (that's 2 minibuses each way, every day)
£8 registration - one-off payment
£33 uniform - one-off payment until she grows out of it!

Therefore for the year it would cost around £761!

Dellifa's mother cried with joy when we said we had found at least 12 potential donors via Facebook so that she could send her daughter to school! She only earns £57 a month as a maid and has 4 children (2 of whom are grown up) and makes £1.50 an hour for occasional babysitting and a few pence from selling eggs... and so £761 to send 1 child to school for a year is simply not possible for her. She thanked God that her prayers had been answered!

Dellifa took the entrance exam for the school on Monday 10th September and she received her results the next day to say that she had got in! Term is due to start any day now and so funds would be most gratefully received as soon as possible!

Thank you all so much for making this all possible: a mother's dream for her daughter has come true!"

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