Friday, 25 November 2016

Catholics Everywhere Should be Grateful for the Four Cardinals’ Appeal - "Abandoning a Belief in Absolute Moral Norms would be a Catastrophe for the Church"

Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith from the Catholic Herald explains why we need absolute moral norms, as explained in Pope John Paul's encyclical, "Veritatis Splendor," he writes:-

"Everyone is talking about the dubia, and so I will too, not that there is much need, given the already excellent and authoritative commentary that has come from a variety of sources, as, for example the scholar monk Dom Hugh Somerville-Knapman and the much respected Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the prelate who works at the very margins of the Church in Kazakhstan. Indeed, what need is there for commentary at all, when one of the authors of the dubia is Cardinal Caffarra, perhaps the greatest of our theologians, and another is Cardinal Burke, the best of our canonists?"

For more excellent analysis see:-
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