Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Faithfull Films etc.' Film reviews from a Christian perspective… and the odd other thing.

Faithfull Films etc.’ is live!
So what’s it about?
Corinna Turner
Corinna Turner, the author of the ‘I Am Margaret’ books, a dystopian series for Young Adults with a strong Christian theme ( or, has just launched a blog, reviewing films from a Christian perspective.

Corinna has been writing since the age of 14 and likes strong protagonists with plenty of integrity. She has an MA in English from Oxford University. She is a Catholic with roots in the Methodist and Anglican churches, and is editor of her award-winning parish magazine. A keen cinema-goer, she lives in the UK with her Giant African Land Snail, Peter, who has a six inch long shell and an even larger foot!

Corinna has started this blog in order to post film reviews from a Christian perspective. She says she likes to know what she's letting herself in for when she goes to see a film ie whether it will be compatible with her Christian faith. Although the Catholic Bishops of the United States have an excellent website on which they review every major film that is released in the US, we don’t have the equivalent in the UK and so we are thankful to her for starting up this initiative.

So, don’t forget to check Faithfull Films etc. when you’re thinking of going to the cinema…

Her first post is a review of the recent film version of Suite Française, starring Dame Kristin Scott Thomas, which Corinna navigates through quite adeptly.



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