Thursday, 24 February 2011

Chartres Pilgrimage 2011

The Chartres Pilgrimage is a Pentecost pilgrimage which starts from the Cathedral of Our Lady in Paris and finishes at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Chartres, to the south west of Paris. It involves two and a half days of walking, mostly through lovely French countryside.

This year's dates are Saturday 11 June to Monday 13 June, (there is a day of travelling either side of those dates, if coming from the UK).

The pilgrimage is organised into chapters which walk under the patronage of a saint. The three British chapters are: Our Lady of Walsingham, led by Jamie Bogle and Francis Carey, St Edward (Youth/Juventutem) led by Michael Heinser and St Alban (Youth/Juventutem) led by Grace Readings(with help!).

More information can be found in the attached newsletter and there is now a new blog:

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