Tuesday, 2 December 2008

News from Juventutem

Please see the following information from Juventutem France:-

Juventutem newsletter is back. WYD 2005 and 2008 are now completed and back, but new events are planned for next few years :

For Europe :

Next August, 18-23, 2009 : a new gathering, similar to first week in Bavaria 2005, will handle in one of the most beautiful and oldest sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that is Le Puy en Velay, in France, on the path to Santiago de Compostella. To discover this magnificent place, click here. A new English website on http://www.juventutem.com/ will be set up by the end of December. Youth for 16 – 25 years old are invited to come.

Worldwide :

Of course, answering to the invitation of Pope Benedikt XVI in Sydney, we will join WYD 2011 in Madrid.

Two major projects where all are warmly invited to come and have great time, spiritually, with a great friendship for the next coming years so as to be witnesses of the extraordinary form of the mass and the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a great time of Advent
In Domino

Juventutem team
French team will organize Juventutem Youth Meeting of Le Puy en Velay, France and invite you to come.

Juventutem France is the French Society of Foederatio Internationalis Juventutem.
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