Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pope wants Traditional Mass in the Parishes even if not requested

On 9th May the Catholic Herald reported that The pope wants the Latin Mass to be available in parishes "even if it is not specifically asked for, or requested", and that Pope Benedict XVI wants to eventually make the Mass more widely available.

In the meantime, Cardinal Hoyos said that`If in a diocese priests are lacking and only three or four faithful request the extraordinary rite, it’s a matter of common sense to think that it is difficult to satisfy this request. However, since it is the Pope’s intention, his mens, to grant this treasure for the good of the Church, in a place where there are no priests the best option would be to offer acelebration according to the extraordinary rite in one of the parish Sunday
Masses. It would be a Mass for everyone, and everyone, including younger generations, would benefit from the riches of the extraordinary rite, for example, those moments of contemplation that have disappeared in the Novus Ordo.' ( From the Italian publication , Jesus)

This is very heartening news from Cardinal Hoyos!! I wonder what Cardinal Hoyos will say in his sermon when he celebrates Mass in Westminster Cathedral on June 14th.

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